Saturday, October 11, 2014

Der's No Bidness Like Yo' Bidness

These are the posts from yesterday's "DER'S NO BIDNESS LIKE YO' BIDNESS" Day.
This must be the most fun veterinary hospital...

 Since there is no question mark, the demand at this store is that you WILL pay more! "Why, you better pay more or else!"

 So long, used cars.
Why is "FOR TRUCKS & CARS" in quotes?

....And just where are those pubic schools?
 Jesus is cool like that-- even when you misspell "tattoos."

 Looks like CHRALIE ROBISON is performing at Billy Bob's place. I need tickets.

 I read where plagues have been on sale at this place for years. I wonder what the going rate is for the Black Plague?

The Snickers candy people had a cute ad spoofing the connection of poor spelling with hunger.

Everyone knows the salads own the place.

I wonder what BOTTELED BEER tastes like?

Monday, October 6, 2014


I, Grammar K, with all the AW-thority inversted in me, declare this day, October 6, 2014 as anudder TURBUL TATTS DAY. Holly Lou Yer. Alabama. Excedrin, Excedrin. #YoMamaYoGrammar